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Introduction: I am [Your Full Name], a citizen of [Nepal/Your Country], currently living in [Your Hometown]. I am writing to express my strong interest in joining [Desired Program] at [University Name]. This statement aims to share details about my school background, passion for [Field of Study], and my dreams for the future.

Personal Info: I was born on [Birthdate] and currently have a passport with number [Passport Number]. I am a hardworking and ambitious person, and my interest in [Field of Study] has grown since my childhood, especially in the ever-changing world of computer science.

Academic Journey: I finished my Secondary Education Examination (SEE) at [School Name] in [Year] with a GPA of [Your GPA]. I continued my studies in the Science faculty, majoring in Computer Science, Chemistry, and Physics. The tough subjects provided me a strong foundation in [Field of Study], and my love for computer science deepened during my intermediate studies.

Choosing Computer Science and USA: My desire for deep knowledge in computer science led me to explore postgraduate programs, and the USA’s reputation for technology advancements caught my attention. After careful research, I found [University Name] to be perfect, with excellent teachers, exciting research chances, and a curriculum that suits my interests.

Future Goals: Once I complete the postgraduate program at [University Name], I want to help Nepal’s technology grow. Our IT sector needs skilled professionals, and I believe the program will give me the knowledge to make a real difference. I hope to work as an IT consultant, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Systems Manager, Database Administrator, Systems Analyst, and more.

Why [University Name]: [University Name] is appealing to me because of its high-quality education, global reputation, and various opportunities it provides. The Computer Science department matches my interests in [Your Areas of Interest], and I am eager to contribute to the department through my studies and activities.

Conclusion: In conclusion, I am thrilled about the chance to study at [University Name], and I am confident that the things I learn will not only help me grow but also make a big impact on technology in Nepal.

Thank you for thinking about my application. I am eager to talk more about why I’d be a great fit for your program.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Full Name]

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